Industrial Division

Storage & Distribution Containers

Scepter provides industrial containers for some of North America's largest companies and retailers. These industrial strength containers are used for warehousing and distribution applications.

Initially designed as a shipping container, these durable boxes have a variety of uses for the office, retail outlet and industrial applications. They are the safest heavy-wall containers there are for shipping, storage, moving, shelving and other general requirements. Made of tough polyethylene, they have a capacity of 2.3 cubic feet with outside dimensions of 24" x 20-1/8" x 12-3/8". They come with hinged or detached lids, stack when in use, and nest for storage. The solid smooth-wall construction allows for easy cleaning and dry storage. Scepter's storage boxes feature flush, heavy duty handles. They are rustproof, dent-proof and withstand temperature changes. They are ideal for storing files and seasonal needs.

storage box
Waste recycling

Refuse Containers

The "Tough Stuff" line of Refuse Containers is made of tough, durable polyethylene to survive temperature changes and abuse. They come complete with pull handles and wheels for easy rolling and snap-on lids for secure fit. Available in assorted sizes.


Recycling Containers

Scepter was the first to manufacture the now familiar blue box recycling containers. Today many municipalities look to Scepter for strong, durable curbside recycling boxes. They can be ordered in custom colours and hot stamped with the name of the municipality.

Scepter supplies containers to separate paper from other office waste. A special combination paper recycling bin and wastebasket saves space while providing desk-side separation of waste and paper. The desk tote holds legal and letter-sized paper.

grocery baskets

Shopping Baskets

Scepter's shopping baskets are designed to be light-weight, yet very strong. Shoppers can easily grasp, lift and carry groceries and other heavy goods. Made from tough polyethylene, Scepter has two sizes, a small basket and a larger basket.

Food Handling

Plastic is an excellent medium for the safe handling, transportation and preparation of raw meats and poultry. Scepter's food handling solutions are built to last while providing ease-of-use and ease of maintenance.

Scepter's Poultry Box and AirFlow Tray (for frozen meats) are made from food grade materials and high-density polyethylene. Each is nestable and stackable.

Beverage Case

Beverage Handling

As the industry leader, Scepter designed, developed and manufactured the plastic trays that have replaced traditional wooden cases, solving a myriad of problems for the beverage industry. They come in full-depth and half-depth trays to hold half-litre, one-litre and two-litre bottles. The cases are reusable, weather-resistant, long-lasting, and clean easily in the bottle wash. They nest for storage, stack while in use in warehouses, trucks and stores for display. For more solid stacking in warehouses they can be cross-stacked as well as column stacked.

Dairy Cases
Scepter dairy cases are made of tough, high density polyethylene. They make it easier to ship and display plastic milk bags. The cases are reusable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting.

ProLine Laundry/ Utility Tubs

Laundry/Utility Tub
Scepter produces a high quality tub that is competitively priced. It is available in the configurations most frequently purchased by consumers.

double tub